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Video: getting closer!


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2 more miles to go

Courtney has a little over two miles and two quick feelings to go. Nate got in for 30 minutes as the temperature dropped from 65, to 64, to 63.5, where its holding steady. We can practically taste California!

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Stunningly beautiful here

Sun is breaking through. Glassy swells. Perfect temperature. Pushing through.

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Movin’ along

Courtney’s still truckin. This time with Allison jumping in beside her for a little company down the home stretch. Cleared the shipping lane, zeroed in on the coast. Making phenomenal time.

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Just keep swimming

Courtney continues to power along. If she continues at the same speed, she should finish in less than 3 hours! I’m (Allison) jumping in at the next feeding and handing off the blogging to Nate! Other swimmers can help pace … Continue reading

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Breakfast time!

Courtney gets breakfast–a turkey sandwich with the crusts cut off: The crew gets breakfast: On the menu is made-to-order French toast, eggs, breakfast burritos and more. (Thank you, Michael!) I’m sure glad she won’t be reading this until after her … Continue reading

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Tickling fish

We’re smack in the middle of the shipping channel. Due to our excellent captains, we’re traveling in a very straight line. Spot tells us we are about 3/4 of the way there! Courtney just looked up, and said, “Something is … Continue reading

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