Love from HF in Richmond!

Courtney’s friends affiliated with the American Heart Association love her, and are sending their best wishes from 3,000 miles away in Richmond, VA!! Keep it up, Courtney!


You can see Catalina way off in the distance as she finishes up a feeding. 20130910-074532.jpg

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2 Responses to Love from HF in Richmond!

  1. Jen says:

    Go Courtney, Go!! I’m Jennifer – David Naquin’s daughter and you’ve been the subject of discussion during our long runs during marathon training as of late – we are in awe! Marathoning is hard, but we certainly don’t run as long as you swim – you rock!! Congrats on all you’ve accomplished so far and KEEP SWIMMING!!! You are amazing!!

  2. Mayme says:

    I’m struggling to pay attention to the class I’m sitting in because I can’t stop refreshing your GPS feed!! Go Courtney!!! Crush this last stretch!

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