Scary Weekend…Back Pain one week before MIMS

On Friday night, Matt and I took some friends and a few of the summer clerks out on the boat. I’m not quite sure what I did – but my low back started to hurt right before we got on the boat. It seemed to get a little better while we were on the boat – but afterwards and into the night, it completely seized up on me. So much so that I was unable to get out of bed or walk without Matt’s help. Thankfully, I still had some REALLY good anti-inflammatory medicine from when I hurt my neck. So, I took the allotted dose on Friday night and throughout the day yesterday. Unfortunately, yesterday wasn’t much better and, despite being one of the prettiest days of the year, I ended up in bed alternating ice and heat (and hanging out with the cats watching Bridesmaids and reruns of Homeland). This morning, thankfully, I’m a little better but still not able to get around very well.

I’ve been through a ride of emotions over the last two days…from grateful that this didn’t happen next Friday right before MIMS, to panic that I won’t be better by next weekend. It seems like right before every big swimming event something like this causes me a bit of panic and concern – most beyond my control. And, I’m beginning to think that dealing with the “pre-swim” event (whatever it might be) is just part of the deal.

So, I will take some more meds today and rest and will hope that, by next Saturday, my back is all better and I have another successful MIMS!

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One Response to Scary Weekend…Back Pain one week before MIMS

  1. Myrna says:

    Yikes. Feel better.

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