Bay Swim Report

On Sunday I completed my 10th Great Chesapeake Bay Swim!  It was a beautiful day…but, frankly, a little hot for me. The water temp was around 75 and the sun was bright and hot (we started swimming at 11:00).  Having spent significant time acclimating to 60ish water temps – 75 feels like a bath tub. Add the sun and the warm air – and it was not ideal.  But, I had a good, safe swim. Like last year, I was hesitant to push myself too much with MIMS only 13 days away. It also was great to experience the swim with my friend Amy Frick!!  Out of nearly 700 people we ironically found ourselves swimming next to each other between miles 1-2 – crazy!

While I did feel a great sense of accomplishment at the end – I didn’t find myself in too many dark places along the way. However, I did get a terrible leg cramp towards the end of the swim which I can only chalk up to dehydration. The “dark” thoughts I did have along the way were along the lines of “…hot…hot…hot…there has got to be a cool spot soon…please…ahhhh cool spot…seriously, that was like a nano-second…hot…hot…hot…can’t wait to get to England for some cold water…but, wait, do I really mean that, what if it is too cold there…yikes, it’s going to be really cold there, I should enjoy this…hot…hot…hot…I wonder how cold it will be in England…what if it is too cold…is it more miserable to be hot than cold…I think worse to be hot…hot…hot…hot…OUCH…leg cramp…what the heck is that all about…I never get leg cramps…must be the heat…is heat stroke the opposite of hypothermia…I know the signs for hypothermia…what is heat stroke?…yuck, smells fishy, must be because it is SO HOT all the fish have DIED…hot…hot…hot…” So, that is generally how it went!

I’m now in the final push to MIMS which is June 23rd.  I’m excited for my second lap around the island. To date, I’ve raised approximately $7500 for my charities this year!  If you’d like to make a donation – please click on the link above which will take you to my donations page with NYC Swim. I am hoping it won’t be so hot!

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