Double Catalina Swim

Starting late Saturday night, September 3rd, I will be starting a swim from the mainland of California, swimming approximately 20 miles to Catalina Island. I will clear the water – for no more than 10 minutes – and will then reenter the water and swim back to the mainland. I expect the swim will take between 24-30 hours.

I will talk to my boat captain again on Saturday morning to confirm the start time.

My crew will be posting updates on the blog and also on Facebook. And, feel free to follow along with the tracker! The first one links to my SPOT – but I’ve provided the link to the SPOT as well just in case.


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4 Responses to Double Catalina Swim

  1. MO SIEGEL says:

    Best of luck…you can do this!

    I start my EC double attempt sometime between Sept 7th & 14th

    Let’s get these done!



  2. Meredeth Dash says:

    Hi Courtney – This is Meredeth Dash, Randy Dash’s wife and we are thrilled to track you and cheer you on! Randy continues to train for the Bridge&Back 10 Miler and I completed my first open water swim doing the 2.5 mile Downwater Rip two weeks ago. You are so tough and determined. We both wish you the best of luck and to have a safe, and smooth swim. Go, Courtney, go! Swim hard!!

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