It is great to be back in Arizona for SCAR!! And super happy to have my friend Amy Frick swimming too. We had a preswim dinner tonight and it was awesome to see so many friends and make some new ones. And, sadly, to feel the absence of those who aren’t here. SCAR is a four day event in four canyon lakes in Arizona east of Mesa. 

The first day, Wednesday, is Saguaro Lake where we swim dam to dam for about 9.5 miles. Water temp is reported as being in the low 60s (yay!). Thursday is Canyon lake where we swim dam to dam about 9 miles. Friday is Apache lake where we swim dam to dam about 17 miles. And, finally, on Saturday we have 6.2 mile night swim in Roosevelt lake. Whew!! 

Matt will be kayaking for me and our friend Angela is kayaking for Amy. We will both have SPOT trackers on our kayaks. Swim starts in a few different waves around 9:00 am (or noon EDT). 

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2 Responses to SCAR

  1. Myrna says:

    Have fun!!!

  2. Jackie Southworth says:

    Have a great time Courtney!

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