Cape Cod Bay Tomorrow

It is a foggy and windy morning on Cape Cod as we prepare for the swim tomorrow (glad I’m not swimming today).  We had a great time last night with friends Mo, Eileen, Dave, Paul and Kumiko at a bonfire on the beach (thanks Mo).  Matt, Sarah and Amy will be busy today getting the crew stuff ready.  Pat and Terry will be getting kayak things ready.  We will eat a lot and rest a lot (Pat made an excellent breakfast).  I will get my customary pedicure.  And, hopefully, I will be able to get to sleep by around 8:00 for a 3:00 a.m. wake-up call.

I will start my swim around 5:30 am from a place called White Horse Beach (just south of Plymouth).  The name of the starting beach is ironic since the place where you put your name on the wall in Dover is called the White Horse.  Assuming all goes well, I will finish at Herring Cove in Provincetown tomorrow afternoon.

There are other similarities to the English Channel.  The EC (as the crow flies) is 21 miles.  Cape Cod Bay is 20.  The water temperature should be roughly the same as it was during my EC swim.  And, no wetsuit, of course.

The SPOT will go live right before I start.  As with my other swims, I will jump off of a perfectly good boat, swim to shore, clear the water, reenter the water, swim to the other side and clear the water to finish!  Link to SPOT is below.

Thanks to everyone who has donated!

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