Thank You!

Thanks so much to all of you who inspired and motivated me during the day yesterday!  I will do a more complete post later – but wanted to get a brief thank you out tonight.  We celebrated yesterday (crew and me) with a post-swim snack, well-deserved nap, dinner and then bed (early).  And continued the celebration today with another breakfast at Uncle Bill’s, relaxing on the beach and a beautiful dinner watching the sunset.  It has been an amazing few days.

The most difficult part of the swim was perhaps the lack of sleep (although I will continue to process this over the next few days).  I was not able to sleep the afternoon before the swim – which meant that I was up from relatively early Monday morning until Tuesday afternoon.  Not so bad if you are chillin’ – but, a little tough swimming in the dark, cold, etc.  But, my crew was there every step of the way to feed me and pick me up.  I am incredibly grateful for them.  And, I also am so grateful for all of the support and comments on the blog and by e-mail. The crew read me messages throughout the swim (during my feeds) and it helped propel me along!  I simply can’t thank all of you enough for your comments, energy and support.  Open water marathon swimming is truly a team sport!

I will post a full swim report soon.  But, for the next few days I’m going to relax and bask in the California sunshine.

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1 Response to Thank You!

  1. Courtney,
    Such an amazing accomplishment — Congratulations to you and your team! I’m glad you are relaxing and hope all enjoy the remainder of the time in the California sunshine!! See you soon.
    Nancy 🙂

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