Just keep swimming

Courtney continues to power along. If she continues at the same speed, she should finish in less than 3 hours!


I’m (Allison) jumping in at the next feeding and handing off the blogging to Nate! Other swimmers can help pace the channel swimmer for up to three hours, one hour at a time max. Water conditions are rolly, but not choppy, and the temp is 67.3. It was 69 for quite a long time, and is expected to drop as we approach the cove where we will finish.


Above, a big oil tanker.

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5 Responses to Just keep swimming

  1. Is that a yellow Pelican box I see floating next to Courtney? Keep up the pace, chica! You are AWESOME!!! And so is your boating team! Woohoo!!!

  2. Barbara Ann says:

    Power along Courtney – you are doing great!

  3. Scott Brannan says:

    Great job Courtney, I cant wait to see what you will conquer next !

  4. Sarah Hunt says:

    According to the GPS, you are walking on water! All this time I thought you were swimming! Keep up the good work, Courtney!!

  5. Jane FUlcher says:

    This is so exciting to watch. You are doing great..bring it on home!!

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