Arrived in California

Matt and I arrived in California yesterday! Our friend, Amy, arrived today. We spent the day getting supplies, exploring the area and going for a swim. I felt good in the water today – but, mostly, I just had a blast. It was rough and relatively warm. It was nice to just play for awhile.

We went down to see the place where I anticipate landing – and we saw lots of whales just off shore. I sent happy thoughts to them across the sea asking for their help and kindness on Tuesday – I figured it couldn’t hurt 🙂

Rest, food and hydration are on tap for the next few days!

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8 Responses to Arrived in California

  1. Mary says:

    Have a great swim!

  2. eileenburke says:

    Enjoy the rest and anticipation. This is always the best and worst part, no? But more best. You are going to have a fantastic swim. Will be thinking of you, sending all good vibes your direction. xo

  3. Mom says:

    Happy thoughts are with you too from Hampton VA. Godsped honey godsped!!!!!!

  4. Marie Ehrlich says:

    Good Luck Courtney! We’ll be following you! Marie

  5. Patricia says:

    Great swimming! What fun to swim with whales – Sounds like the H2O is just right –
    Good luck –

  6. I met Courtney and her crew today while having breakfast at Uncle Bills in Manhattan Beach! I found her story to amazing. My friend Jeanne and I wish her the best of luck. Just make them eat your bubbles. Keep us posted.

  7. Kelly Lehman says:

    Thinking about you and sending lots of good vibes your way, Courtney!! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventure 🙂

  8. Debbie Ankeney says:

    Good luck to you! We are rooting for you here in Gloucester! Wave to the whales for us!

    Debbie and Jimmy

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