Spring Training!

I am officially entrenched in Spring Training and loving every minute of it! I started swimming in the Rappahannock River about four weeks ago. The water temp held at a steady 60 for three weeks and last weekend it spiked up to about 66-67ish. Four weeks ago Matt and I headed down to Deltaville to get the boat aired out and for me to get my toes wet. Three weeks ago I got a tough 4 hour swim in with crew Jaime, Frank, Jordi and Matt in tow. There was LOTS of beer consumption on the boat that day which resulted in many interesting drawings on the white board (feel free to let your imgaination run wild). Two weeks ago was a cold and brutal day on the water with swells between 3-5 feet. Captain Mark and his first mate Myrna exhibited great spirit and were very hardy souls. Thankfully, Captain Mark was able to effectively navigate the boat to safety when conditions deteriorated quickly and significantly at the end of the day. We were so stressed by the time we got back to the marina – we headed to Cocomos for drinks!

Last weekend crew Sarah, Kelly, Frank and Matt accompanied me for a somewhat odd 5 hour swim. The day started out calm and flat. After about an hour – the wind and chop picked up and continued to escalate. So we made our way a little closer to shore for the boat to get some protection. Unfortunately for those on the boat, that didn’t quite work. So, they anchored and I swam around the boat for about an hour. Anchoring didn’t really help either and there was a little seasickness on the boat – so we decided to try going back out into the channel. Things calmed down just a bit for the last hour. All in all, it was a great swim for me in that I was able to work through conditions from flat to lots of chop and wind – and take it from every direction (not sure all on the boat would agree). And, I had my first feeding of the fish this season. Although, interestingly, it really was more of a feeding of the seagulls than the fish – as the seagulls immediately swooped in and scarfed up everything I had expelled (yum)!

I also had the opportunity to speak to a lovely group this week about my open water swimming journey. It is always nice to share stories of my adventures!


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