We see France! Sorry for delays in posting. Low cell service signals.  Courtney is hanging in there and enjoying quotes

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20 Responses to France

  1. Elizabeth Cohen says:

    GPS tracker is looking good!

  2. Wythe Michael says:

    Keep kicking it – almost there!

  3. Bill (Friend of Mary's) says:

    Which Dolphins swam with her? Reggie Bush? Chad “OCHOCINCO” Johnson? Very exciting!

  4. Nick Cadwallender says:

    Little Franks running leg says hi to the swimming leg. I am so excited for you. Love from the Cadwallenders.

  5. Ann and Kathi says:

    Ann and Kathi are ready to uncork the champagne! Keep going one arm at a time!

  6. Mo Siegel says:

    Great! Tell Courtney she’s not allowed to look!

  7. Jenn says:

    So awesome!! We’ve really enjoyed following along – keep it up, you are almost there!!!!!!!

  8. Ellen Purcell says:

    Go…go….go!!!!! You can do it! 🙂

  9. Tricia Hollomon says:

    We are cheering for you Courtney!!! Caroline says good luck, believe in yourself and take care! 🙂

  10. Becky Heath says:

    GO GO GO!!!! YOU’RE ALMOST THERE! So proud of you!

  11. Elizabeth Cohen says:

    You are awesome!!! 🙂

  12. Farrah says:

    You are a rockstar Courtney! As Dorrie from Little Nemo says…JUST KEEP SWIMMING!!!

  13. Elizabeth Cohen says:

    I see London
    I see France
    I see someones’ underpants
    HAHA 🙂

  14. Todd Salvati says:

    The GRAP Staff is pulling for you Courtney! And to think the pool here is filled with a hundred screaming kids and you’re swimming with dolphins, lucky you.

  15. Marie Ehrlich says:

    You Rock, Courtney!

  16. Cindy says:

    Swim Courtney Swim!!!! You are amazing!!! Owen says “Happy English Channel, Courtney!” 🙂

  17. Mike Moates says:

    Go go go! My friends Clare, Ellen and Cecilia trained under you this morning and are waiting for you in Paris.

    So awesome Courtney. What a tremendous feat and something you’ve worked so hard for. Shout out to your crew as well. Behind every great athlete is a great support team.

    Can wait to see a pic of you on the shore.


  18. ellenwalk says:

    Go, Courtney! Ellen and John

  19. Susan Lawson says:


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