Still Scheduled for Thursday

Matt and I spent most of the day running around getting the final items we need for the swim. And, I was able to get another short swim in today. The water felt colder than it did earlier this week even though it was only 7 tenths of a degree colder. But, there was significant cloud cover and wind. Regardless – I felt good in the water and was glad to have another day in the Channel.  

When we spoke with Eric about mid-day he confirmed that we were, currently, still set for Thursday. There is some question about whether the wind will actually lay down over night. But, he is planning to take the first swimmer in the early hours of Wednesday. So, when I get up, I will check the tracker to see if they actually did make the attempt. If so, then I certainly expect we will be going tomorrow night/Thursday morning.  

Marcia Cleveland said in her book, Dover Solo, that after she arrived in Dover she thought to herself “I’m going to make it.”  She also said “Even though there were lots of things going on out of my control that made me feel uneasy, I had this inner feeling that in a bathing suit, swimming next to a boat, I could swim to the other side.”  That is how I feel (and I hope I’m not jinxing myself!). 

I’ll post another update tomorrow and then, hopefully, we will be off to France!

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