I swam 7500 meters in the pool yesterday. Two hours straight with three short stops (plus a little warm-down). I was hoping yesterday was going to be my first day in the open water this year. But, given the tornados in Deltaville and the wind…it was a no go. When I left the pool, I thought something to the effect “gosh, it sure was nice to do such a short swim today….” My next thought…”my how things have changed.”  When I was training for the Bay Swim years ago – as my most difficult swim of the season – I rarely swam more than 4 miles or 6400 meters. Now, 7500 is a “short” swim. During my first Bay Swim in 2003, the water temperature was between 62-64. I did it with a wetsuit and thought I would die from the cold. Now, 62-64 is balmy…without a wetsuit. Perspective is a funny thing.

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